Summer Food Festivals

I’m looking forward to a beach holiday.

In anticipation, I have created my own edible version to brighten up my stall at food festivals.P1020306


Hotting up!

Working with chocolate in hot and humid conditions is tricky!! Stick to eating instead of making on barmy summer days. Try decorating ice creams…they taste fabulous, the wonderful thing about home made versions of these is that you can pack the centre with the ice cream recipe of your choice….here is the ice cream recipe I used:

100g caster sugar

500g thick greek yoghurt

100g frozen forest fruit.

If you have an ice cream maker, blend ingredients and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

By hand: combine ingredients, pop into a freezer bowl and place into the freezer. Take the bowl out and stir every 20 mins until set.

I used a silicon mould to make these and lined them with my chocolate design before putting the ice-cream in.


Ice Creams

January Frosts



Oh at last! A decent reason to drink hot chocolate – the frost has arrived! Although, I really feel for all those trapped or stuck somewhere because of all the snow. We are keeping abreast of the news for sure.
It really doesn’t seem as if we’ve had any ‘cold’ this winter – mainly just ‘wet’! So to see everything covered this morning in a sparkling glow made my heart light and my stomach think about which chocolate I was going to have when I returned home! As ever, a Cocoaantics HotChoc Spoon – maybe the chilli one – would fit the bill, but also can I recommend Melt Hot Chocolates, who on their website have the perfect thing to ‘beat the January blues’.

Whatever melts your frost today – enjoy in abundance!

Who is Top of the Chocs?

Chocolate MouthThere are many things that are studied in this world, and one imagines the scientist’s life sometimes takes a path they had not expected. Perhaps that’s how those involved in Confectionery News manage to enjoy their job so much – by producing a map of the Top 20 Chocolate-Consuming nations of the world, using data from Euromonitor. It has, in my opinion produced a very intriguing table. Switzerland is at the top with an enormous 9kg per capita – the equivalent of eating 225 bars of Divine Chocolate each year!! In one way this sounds heavenly, but that is so much chocolate, even for a chocolate lover to take on. Germany, seen as a relatively health-conscious country, comes in a close 2nd with 7.9kg, whereas the USA, regarded generally as unhealthly and a driver in world obesity is near the bottom with 4.3kg.  Although, you can merely surmise from this table, rather than prove cause and effect, it is interesting to consider the growing data on the health benefits of eating chocolate, especially when low in sugar and high in cocoa content. We are moving towards a time when cocoa is seen as not only good for us but fully beneficial to our health. To this I say a hearty ‘whoop’, but also it fills me with respect for this little bean, that is loved all over the world, giving a living to so many people, and that we are just beginning to appreciate the powers it truly holds. Happy Eating and Drinking – just make sure it’s in moderation!


The loved up one

The loved up one

Welcome to the Autumn – it officially arrived on September 23rd! Surely then the perfect excuse to sit down with a cup (huge mug!) of steaming hot chocolate. I did this at the weekend as I browsed a little chocolate news from the last few months and came across a rather charming story.  The members at Newham College, Cambridge have been leaving little surprises for each other during exams in the Library.  This is an all-female college and a student took it upon themselves to cut out the pages of a book (not one on the catalogue!) and hide some chocolate in it.  The words inside said ‘Dear student, congratulations on finding this book! Take your prize and return with one for the next person’.  What a gem!  To think about giving others a little secret treat without any hint of knowing who your recipient may be or that they will never be able to thank you.  I certainly am taking inspiration from this story and I’m off to hide some chocolate spoons!  Happy Autumn!