The loved up one

The loved up one

Welcome to the Autumn – it officially arrived on September 23rd! Surely then the perfect excuse to sit down with a cup (huge mug!) of steaming hot chocolate. I did this at the weekend as I browsed a little chocolate news from the last few months and came across a rather charming story.  The members at Newham College, Cambridge have been leaving little surprises for each other during exams in the Library.  This is an all-female college and a student took it upon themselves to cut out the pages of a book (not one on the catalogue!) and hide some chocolate in it.  The words inside said ‘Dear student, congratulations on finding this book! Take your prize and return with one for the next person’.  What a gem!  To think about giving others a little secret treat without any hint of knowing who your recipient may be or that they will never be able to thank you.  I certainly am taking inspiration from this story and I’m off to hide some chocolate spoons!  Happy Autumn!


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