Summer Festivities

The leaves are out in full and the days are longer, as summer speeds towards us, bringing with it barbecues, pimms and wasps. A whole host of activities are made available, and acceptable to us, thanks to the summer heat. During any other season, lying perfectly still on a towel in your garden, would not only be unadvisable (unless you were very well wrapped up), but it would also be deemed as rather eccentric. However, from the months from May till August, it is one of the most pleasant, and necessary summer pass times. Everyone becomes obsessed with ice cream, their ears pricking up whenever that familiar tune plays from a van. In England, the nation becomes tennis mad, tracking luminous yellow balls, as Nadal unpicks yet another wedgie, as we all consume gargantuan portions of strawberries and cream. Whilst putting it those terms, Wimbledon appears to be a a bizarre ritual, but it is all rather fun!

Another summer favourite is the festival, an opportunity to celebrate something you have a real passion for, with like minded people. On the 17th of May I shall be exhibiting at the Witney Festival of Food & Drink. It promises to be an excellent day, including 60 stalls selling locally produced food and drink, cooking demonstrations and talks all day. The children are also catered for, with many fun and creative activities organised for them.

For more information, please visit: 

It would be wonderful to see you there!




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