Valentine’s Day Chocolates

These are gorgeous!!

The Good Chocolates Blog

Valentine's Day Chocolates

A quick admiration of some of the romantic works of art currently available on the marketplace…

As you’ll know, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. The rampant commercialisation of this event probably makes you feel slightly queasy inside, before you’ve even started thinking about how your going to demonstrate your appreciation for your loved one.

I’ve tried dinner out on Valentine’s Day once, and to be honest it wasn’t great. Sat shoulder to shoulder in a packed restaurant, struggling to hear my partner above the noise and trying to pretend that it was romantic didn’t help to create that “special moment”. So now I opt for the quieter approach: a bottle of wine, some home cooked food/takeaway, a movie and of course a good box of chocolates… “What could be better?” I hear you say!

Well, if you did say that, then hopefully you’ll appreciate the inspiration below. And if you…

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