Just Around the Corner….

Chocolate is as closely associated with the Festival of Love as are roses and cheesy cards. This is why at Cocoa Antics we find ourselves quite preoccupied with Saint Valentines Day. In the run up to this most romantic of holidays, I have found myself  pondering over it’s origin. The more cynical amongst us would say it is a capitalist con to make us spend more money, but there must be some other explanation!


After a quick bit of googling I discovered that the day actually originated as the day of celebration for the saint and martyr Valentinus. He was executed by the Romans for performing illegal Christian weddings, an act that would for ever associate him with love.

However it was not until the days of Geoffrey Chaucer that the 14th of February was associated with romance, and it would not be until the 19th century  that people would exchange cards, roses and chocolates!

I would like to end on the words of the great Chaucer, to inspire a little romance for this week…

From Geoffrey Chaucer’s Parliament of Birds.

The life so short, the craft so long to learn,
The attempt so hard, the victory so keen,
The fearful joy, so arduous to earn,
So quick to fade – by all these things I mean
Love, for his wonders in this worldly scene
Confound me so that when I think of him
I scarcely know whether I sink or swim.


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