The Diaries of a Secret Chocoholic: Salon du Chocolat


The Good Chocolates Blog

Miss P (the Secret Chocoholic) reports back on her 1st mission…

A couple of weeks ago, Ben entrusted me with my first “Good Chocolates” mission. This was to join him at “Salon du Chocolat”, which boasted to be the “world’s largest chocolate show”. A whole afternoon spent wandering around chocolate stalls sampling truffles, hot chocolate, nougat, spreads, tortes, fudge and numerous other treats from wonderfully talented chocolatiers? It was a tough job, but someone had to do it…!

I arrived in my usual style – an hour later than anticipated, feeling harassed and looking rather dishevelled. However, my mood quickly lifted when I met with Ben, who promptly threw a bag of Toot Sweets’ Dark Chocolate Cardamom Truffles for sampling. My rambled apologies for my tardiness were soon silenced, as i munched my way through the whole bag. Yes, that’s right, the whole bag – they were simply incredible –…

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