Bloomin’ Bubbles


Ah British summers… wasps, rain clouds and anorak weather. No wonder the great indoors can be so appealing at times (especially with a lovely little treat from Cocoa Antics!)

While relaxing on the sofa sometimes sounds ideal, the kids might not appreciate being cramped indoors on a rainy day.

But what happens when all entertainment resources have been consumed? At least an hour of fun can be found in a surprising source:

Warm water, drinking straws and washing up liquid

The method is simple:

  1. Pour a little bit of washing up liquid into a bowl full of warm water (the amount of washing up liquid is completely up to you, more soap equals more bubbles!)
  2. Pour a tiny bit of the bubble mixture on a kitchen table (or any surface you don’t mind getting wet)
  3. Then, taking the drinking straw, put it into the bubble mixture and start blowing!


Now its your turn to experiment, making all sorts of soapy creations and having good, clean fun!


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